Quik Sign had the pleasure of being trained by Shane Marten in May 2015 and had a fantastic experience. Shane showed us the ins and outs of wrapping a vehicle in a two day training course. We wrapped a 2011 Mitsubishi lancer and we couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Wrapping is a very technical trade that requires plenty of patience and attention to detail. Shane went over all of the basics to teach us the fundamentals of wrapping first, and once we felt comfortable trying it ourselves, he guided us with a hands on approach. All in all, I give Shane 10/10. He is a master of his craft and would recommend him to anyone looking to get into the business of vinyl wrapping. Thanks Shane!
Beni Kalman
Quik Sign
Shane was a great instructor! He answered all of our questions and was overall an awesome person to learn from! I would highly recommend to book your training with Shane! He was born with a squeegee in his hand
Sundeep Singh
Wrap Academy of Canada is a great place to learn how to wrap and get all the necessary skills needed. Shane is a great teacher, makes learning to wrap fun. The course is very hands on which was great. I was actually learning how to wrap instead of watching videos or reading about it. I highly recommended the wrap academy of Canada
Was a very excellent course, each trainee had lots of one on one instruction for dealing with difficult areas. Shane had a lot of knowledge and left the class with a lot of excitement to get started and wrapping customer vehicles!
Chris Daubert